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Clear the Decks Friday: Mr. Forster’s SuperFocus

Darlings! Welcome to the sixth edition of Clear the Decks Friday, in which we work together to dispose of the bothersome tasks that otherwise encumber our writing life!

Today, my lovelies, I am thinking about systems.

Ethelie is terribly fond of lists and priorities and stern consequences. Her lists — o, my darling, they are magnificent and mighty machines, with thousands of interlocking gears, each grinding inexorably along. Frankly, they terrify me, and when I have tried to use Ethelie’s systems, I’ve found myself weeping in the arms of my evening’s companion, instead of frolicking. There was simply no way to live up to the dreadful expectations of that beastly machine.

Gustav, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Why, he works entirely at random. Oh, he can call it synchronicity all he wants, but for me it feels like sheer chaos. While the uncertainty lends a certain vigour and briskness to the day, I find it altogether too, too unsettling.

Clearly, my darlings, one’s ideal approach to achieving all the goalsets is as unique as the individual! We are all precious, precious snowflakes!

Thus I was delighted to learn of Mr. Forster’s SuperFocus system, which offers a delightful blend of flexibility and structure. It seems ideal for a capricious creature such as myself.

Your turn!

Tell me, darlings, what system do you use?

And what will you be clearing from your decks today? Tell us below.

2 comments to Clear the Decks Friday: Mr. Forster’s SuperFocus

  • Yay, I just finished a big chunk of work at the dayjob. Now, to Clear My Decks!

  • I love Mr. Forster for his open transparent process. I am interested in the new Superfocus.

    I have tried so many different systems only to abandon each and every one. Right now I am beyond even writing a list down. I am sure, that too will pass.

    The thing for me about lists is that I find that having made one, even if I never go back to it, many of the things will be completed and a few will remain stubbornly undone. The other thing is that in retrospect, so many of the things on the list seem so unimportant. I am currently playing with the idea that the important things will get done anyway and the stuck things will remain stuck until I do the work that needs to be done to make them less problematic.

    In both instances, I find the concept of a destination useful. If I am focused on the destination, then the individual tasks are less important. But also, a destination might make a list relevant in a way that a list without a destination is not.

    Also, some tasks seem to be cyclical. They happen again and again and again. I am playing with leaving those things off the list and handling them with all sorts of unusual devices.

    All this list stuff if fascinating business.

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